5 movies featuring the cutest animals that you’ll fall in love with

With the holidays coming up we at Pawparazzi thought that we can start filling up your to-watch list with some of our favorite animals/pets movies. Almost all of the movies we recommend are perfect for a family gathering allowing you to have some great bonding time with the family as well as your beautiful furry buddy. Without further ado, lets kick off our list.

1- 101 Dalmatians

At the top of our list is the list is Disney’s classic, 101 Dalmatians. This movie was the reason behind many of today’s dog owners falling in love with Dalmatians. Directed by Stephen Herek, the movie follows 101 dalmatians as they try to escape the evil woman who wants to use the dogs’ beautiful fur. The energetic animals however have a lot in store for the woman. The classic movie is a must watch for all dogs lovers. Use this chance to also know more about Dalmatians here

2- I Am Legend

We cannot go through this piece without mentioning the classic movie I Am Legend. The apocalyptic film based on the novel by Richard Matheson tells the story of Robert Neville who happens to be the lone survivor in an apocalypse along with his dog Abbey. The movie has one of the most beautifully written storylines that displays the true love and loyalty between man and dog. Will Smith’s role in the film and his chemistry with Abbey the German Shephard is something that cannot be easily forgotten. We definitely recommend this movie for our readers. This is also a chance to learn more on German Shepherds here

3- Ratatouille

Moving into an animation film, Ratatouille is one great movie for a family to enjoy. Directed by Brad Bird and Jan Pinkava, the movie is follows the story of a rat who has an amazing talent for cooking. Together with a young chef at a restaurant, the rat goes on with movie making some of the best meals that Paris has ever seen. The movie escalates and shows the relationship developing between the chef and the rat as time passes by. Definitely a great movie for all ages.

4- Stuart Little

No movie list is complete without Stuart Little. Rob Minkoff’s movie follows the life of a small charming mouse that gets adopted by a nice loving family. Stuart’s life with the family develops as he goes through adventures against the family cat, Snobell, who wants to get rid of the little fella. The movie follows the development of the characters of the animals as well as that of the family members as they bond with their newest member. It is beautiful how the animals are being endorsed as a part of the family in the film. Recommended for all ages.

5- Lassie

One of the most beautiful animal movies in recent history. A family going through a financial crisis are forced to sell their beloved pet Lassie hundreds of miles away. However, Lassie,s love for the family encourages her to escape and go on an adventure for hundreds of miles in an attempt to reconnect with her beloved family. Great scenes throughout the film for the beautiful dog. The movie directed by Charles Sturridge is a must watch for animals lovers.


Why should you adopt and not shop?

As part of celebrating our coming “Adopt, don’t shop” campaignevent, we at Pawparazzi are happy to share awareness and share responsibilityin adopting pets rather than paying hundreds of bucks on them. This blog postis here to celebrate each and every life on Earth.

Givingthe pure souls another chance to live

It is indescribable to sleep at night knowing that you’ve helped in saving a life from imminent and a lonely death. In numbers there are 2.7 million dogs and cats that are put down annually because they can’t find a loving home which can protect them and love them. By opting for adopting pet you contribute to saving on animal from this suffering. So you tell yourself, how good does this feel?


We can’t deny the joy of adopting a young kitten or puppy, it is surely irresistible to hold the little thing in your arms and play withthem all day long but we can’t also deny the responsibility they come with it, and the smelly and messy accidents that they could cause around the house. However, when you choose to adopt a young trained pet from a shelter you canspare yourself this kind of pain.

Don’t condoneto unethical breeding

Not all breeders love their animals and take care of them, there are evil breeders out there who take advantage of the weak creatures and make a huge sum of money off their backs. We are not here to support such scammers and abusers and instead are on full board for loving and safe shelters.

Your walletwill thank you

If you have no previous experience in the pet industry then you must know that new pets from breeders have an insane price tag on them because it is considered as easy money. Shelters and adoption centers charge a modest affordable fee on adopting the animals which includes the veterinarian and sterilization costs.

 On this note we end this post by reminding you to check out Pawparazzi’s adoption fair which is happening on the 20th of November from 5 to 7pm and take home your life long best-friend with you. Join us in the most exciting event of the year!Visit our website for more information

Top Cruelty Free Skincare and Makeup Products

Self-care is the new emerging trend which started in 2016 by several influencers, and we can all agree that it does not only contribute to our physical health but as well as our mental wellness, but, did it ever occur to you that you taking care of yourself can contribute to the agony (and sometimes death) to hundreds of thousands of animals every year through having those very cosmetic products being tested on them in the early stages of creating the product as you know it. As part of Pawparazzi’s initiative in advocating for animals and their rights we bring you here a list of all the great cruelty-free cosmetic brands.

  1. The Ordinary

A skincare brand by DECIEM which is focused on creating the most efficient skincare treatments and care products, The Ordinary does not test any of their products on animals nor do they operate in countries which require animal testing as part of the registration process. Your wallet and face will definitely be fans of the brand

The moderately priced makeup brand loves animals and that’s why we love too faced. They offer 78 different products which were made without hurting any animal.

As part ofthe popular and widely loved brand which is very pocket friendly andaffordable, they are listed by PETA as a vegan and cruelty-free brand withseveral product lines including their beloved brush line

Who doesn’tlove smelling like heaven while at the same time be sure that the product they’reusing on their skin didn’t make any animal get hurt in the process. Lushadvocates for animal rights and for being one of the first and vocal companiesin going cruelty free. We are sure you’ll love this brand.

Bold, edgyand iconic eye-shadow pallets that are also cruelty free and leaping bunnycertified so you are sure they’re safe on animals.

Anastasiaalways had our backs in making our brows look fleeky and on point.. We are sureyour brow game will be the prime while still loving the animals. You can grabyour favorite brow product from a Sephora at any shopping center.

We chose to put at the end of the list because we ought to acknowledge how serious and passionate brand is in their advocacy against animal testing. Starting from their 2017 campaign to end animal tasting on global cosmetic and skincare brands to their extensive cruelty-free policy by Natura and co, their parent company. (You can read the policy here) Kudos for them for topping any other brand in their integrity!

We at Pawparazzi Pet Salon and Spa try to make sure that every animal and pet receives equal love and care thus we host adoption open days twice a month and shelter in the stray pets to shower them with love and warmth.

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Our top 5 picks on the best pet products in 2018

2018 is coming to an end and we used so many pet products all year round and have conducted our research to help deliver you convenience and peace of mind just at your doorsteps. We went the extra mile to test and recommend the best pet products in 2018 and here’s our pick…

  • DOTTPet

World’s smartestpet ID tag

We can all agree that our pet’s safety and protection comes at the highest levels of our concern, the microchips don’t help in decreasing the worries and concerns because if it happens and you lose your pet, it is almost impossible being able to identify the pet’s whereabouts when they’re not in close contact. DOTTPet is the latest non-invasive technology which can maximize the chances of you finding your pet using an application paired with the tag. DOTTPet will also connect your app with other pets in the area and help protect the entire neighborhood.


  • iFetch

A lazy dog owner’s best friend

We all can agree that with Dubai’s lifestyle it doesn’t give you the time you need to take your dog outside to play fetch and all other sorts of games. That’s what iFetch here to do; the job for you.  All you have to do is to just train your dog how to use the iFtech by dropping the ball in it and start playing. It comes with a relatively higher price tag of $115, but it will definitely ensure you convenience and the peace of mind.



We picked this “cool” product because we know the struggle of parenting a dog in Dubai during the summer, the equation couldn’t get worse. With the immense melting heat your pet dog will definitely enjoy an iced water treat that won’t melt off the second it’s out from the freezer using a non-toxic gel insert which won’t melt and keep your doggie cool and fresh directly from FroBo.


  • Cedarcide

Non-chemical based flea repellant

Every pet owners would prefer not putting a chemically evasive product on their pet’s body to fight fleas and ticks and Cedarcide is your go-to option, as it is naturally sourced insecticide and repellent. It’s a great product to use before sending off your pet outside to play at a park or to go for a walk and with a plus point of smelling great!


  • Kibblepet waterless shampoo

This product is not exactly a dry shampoo dog version but more of a spray that you can spray on top of your dog’s coat and be wiped out very easily with a towel. We assure you that this pick is the best since it was included in the global pet expo and received lots praise. The kibbleppet will definitely keep your doggie smelling fresh like they’re just out of a high end salon.


With this comes the end tour top 5 pick of the best pet products in 2018. Don’t forget to show us some love on the blog and we would love to hear out more from you on your pick of your favourite pet products of this year. Pay us a visit at the Pawparazii Pet Salon and Spa in Business Bay, Dubai.

Match your Halloween’s costume this year with your furry friend’s

Today, we are bringing you this month’s special; Halloween! This year you can make the occasion spookier and even more creative by pairing up your costume with your furry best friend and we are making your life easier with the following list of ideas.


Scooby Doo and Shaggy Rogers

What is a better way to throwback to one of the best and most decade of the 20th Century than to bring to life the iconic 90’s classic show, Scooby-Doo. It’s a fun and easy way to match up with your doggie as the clumsy Shaggy Rogers yourself and reuniting the pair with the Scooby-Doo character costume for your dog which you can find it on souq.com


Green and White Picture Postcard



The vampire and the bat

Is Halloween even Halloween without the classic spooky vampire costume? We think not too! That is why we are including your furry friend in the party…  You can create this look at home and cut down on the costs using simple steps or purchase the bat wings from souq.com at a reasonable price




Daenerys Targaryen and Droggo, Game of Thrones

Winter has come and a nonetheless a spooky one this year, you can be the Mother of Dragons with your doggie and conquer the whole of Westeros or what we call the life of the party.




Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf

Can you really resist to waken the child in you with your best friend? And live the classic child story of the little goody two shoes granddaughter? You can recreate the characters just with using a red cloth wrapped around your shoulders and an old dress fitted for your dog’s size and a wig and voila!




Darth Vader and Han Solo and/or Princess Leia, Star Wars

This is a close one to our hearts because you also have the opportunity to include your significant other in this cosplay. Bringing to life the romance between the handsome Han Solo and the beautiful Princess Leia and don’t forget their archnemesis, the powerful Darth Vader and you’re lucky enough because can find the costumes on souq.com now! And may the force be with you.




Harry Potter and the Three-headed dog

Make this year’s look special by having your furry friend be the guard three-headed dog and you as the iconic character of Harry Potter in a way of pushing your bullies away… you’re a wizard Harry!











7 best places to walk your dog in Dubai

Dubai is well known as a diverse city in terms of people and resources, however, not for your furry friend, Dubai is limited in terms of places to walk your dog in without the threat of being bagged with a huge fine. We decided to make your life easier and bring you a list with the 7 best places for you and your pet dog.

     1. Jumeirah Lake towers

Jumeirah Lake Towers known to the public as JLT is an excellent destination for dog owners, because of the huge vast of space around the lakes where you can take your dog for their daily walk. The destination also includes designated dog bins making it friendlier as ever and several coffee shops such as 1762 stripped café in JLT one and more.

Al-Sarayat street, JLT, Dubai   (0)4 3233 609


      2. Business Bay

Business Bay, the heart of city, few minutes away from the iconic Burj Khalifa, is the perfect spot for you and your dog to have the quality time to get active and running. With the area being dog friendly, your furry friend will have the opportunity to also socialize with other dogs and make new friends!

Business Bay, Dubai    (0)4 323 3609


       3. Bark Park

When you mention Dubai, the first thing that comes to mind is the vast gorgeous golden desert, and there is the right space for your pet dog to indulge in the delicate soft sand at the licensed and dedicated dog park in Alawir, Dubai. Bark Park accepts all dogs of all shapes and sizes, but you need to make sure that your dog is vaccinated against Rabies & DHPPL and just an entry fee of 30 Dirhams for the first dog and 20 Dirhams for the second and third. With this, your dog can have the time of his life with cooling pools, drinking waters and fun equipment to be able to socialize and exercise with other dooggo friends.

Bark Park, Al Awir, Dubai    (0)50 625 2422


       4. Al Warqaa

Just a 7 minute drive from Mirdif, you can take your doggo friend to this spacious non-pet restrictive area where your doggie will be able to be entertained with unrestricted area of desert and space. The ideal spot if you are living in Mirdif, Al-Warqaa, International City and Silicon Oasis

Al-Warqaa, Dubai


       5. Dog Park – sustainable city

The new dedicated dog park in sustainable city close to the famous Qudra Lake caters to all dog owners whether residents of the community or not and all dogs of all sizes and breeds equally.  Dog Park sits on 1,000 square meter of facilitated space and just an annual fee of 300 Dirhams. Your dog can run around and about with 25 other friendly dogs at a time to avoid overcrowding of the park. The park is located near the pet-friendly sustainable plaza so you can grab a bite or coffee and enjoy yourself as your pet dog has their share of fun.

 AlQudra Street, Sustainable City, Dubai  (0)4 347 5955


        6. Al Burj park

Based in downtown Dubai, the heart and life of the city, just underneath the popular architectural spot, Burj Kahlifa, the park is ideal for you and your furry best friend to bond in this massive greenery area. Don’t forget to pick up after your dog of course.

Burj Park, Downtown Dubai, Dubai    (0)4 366 1688


        7. The Irish village

The Irish Village is a pet friendly destination welcomes you and your furry friend for a day out where you can indulge in a warm fulfilling lunch while your dog can socialize with other dogs in bowls of cooling water. Promising you both the quality fun times together.

The Irish Village, 31 A street Al Garhoud, Dubai   (0)4 282 4750


Don’t forget to share this blog post and show us your opinion and stay tuned for more posts on the various topics related to your pet and its well-being.